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My Record

Municipal voters do have a difficult choice. Virtually all candidates know “what to say” and, of course, everyone wants to put their best foot forward. So - how’s a voter to choose? I hope they will take the time to examine candidates’ records whether in office or hoping to get there. A candidate’s record can often be much more reliable than what they say they’ll do. Some hi-lights of my record are below. I’m happy to stand on it.  

A strong independent voice

Moving to long range

visionary planning

Chairing Saanich Committees

Getting Transportation and

Land Use Right

Seniors Affordable

Housing and More

A candidate’s record can be confirmed by talking to active citizens who have dealt with them. Since that’s not easy for everyone., testimonials provide an alternative. Testimonials from involved community leaders help you get a sense of the candidate. A number of testimonials are included in the “In Depth” section of this website.

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My Record