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Regional Growth Strategy - Videos

This interview was aired at the  end of this summer (2011). It is about 20 minutes in  length and gives a a good overview of the Regional Growth Strategy(RGS) and why this very good agreement should be defended.

Issues in Central Saanich and the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area (Marine Trails Project) are discussed at length.

This is a video of a presentation I gave for the Farmlands Trust this term. It is a longer video and gives a comprehensive description of the process for establishing Regional Growth Strategies in BC.

The video also discusses the importance of regional growth strategies and overviews what they were intended to accomplish.

This is a video of the question period following the Farmlands Trust presentation.

Again, it is fairly lengthy. However, many of the questions explore issues that communities have had with consistent application of the RGS and the amending process.

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