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Regional Growth Strategy

Moving to the Regional Sustainability Strategy

The Regional Growth Strategy is now over  7 years old and, as mandated by provincial legislation, is undergoing a process of review. The new version, to be called the Regional Sustainability Strategy (RSS) is intended to reflect changes in circumstances and priorities. Climate change, for example, has emerged as a huge threat and challenge that we must meet. The RSS also aims to establish a process for differentiating minor and major amendments and create a common template for municipal Regional Context Statements. The template should serve to make context statements more consistent and more clearly defined than they were in the original RGS.

I am pleased that I have been able to convince staff and directors to make climate change mitigation and adaptation a central priority in the RSS. The “proof in the pudding” however will come with the final adoption and eventual implementation of the strategy. Like all plans, it will only be effective if it actually guides decision making. We will need municipal leaders who actually “walk their talk” in order to insure that actions and decision making consistently recognize the urgent need to respond to this overarching problem.

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