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The Regional Growth Strategy(RGS) is an agreement between the 13 municipalities in our region. First adopted in August of 2003, It describes how they will address key issues in a manner that allows for growth, development and change while meeting sustainability goals. As such, the RGS is a critical document for our region’s future. The strategy contains the following core values:

Development of the RGS was coordinated by the Capital Regional District(CRD). Initially, core values and broad strategies were developed co-operatively with member municipalities and interested stakeholders around the region. From this process, a draft document was created. The next step involved getting each municipality to accept the document and “sign on”. When all 13 municipalities had signed on, the agreement was in force.

For their part, municipalities had to show that their policies and actions would be consistent with the strategy they were agreeing to. They did this by submitting Regional Context Statements. A municipality’s context statement was required to show how its own official community plan was consistent with the RGS or would become consistent over time. A context statement could only be accepted by unanimous agreement of all 13 municipalities.

The CRD also serves as the administrator of the strategy on behalf of the member municipalities. As administrator of the RGS, the CRD is responsible for coordinating regular processes of review and update. It is also responsible for monitoring compliance with the strategy and, theoretically, initiating a process to require compliance if the actions of a member municipality so necessitate. Unfortunately, the process for requiring compliance  was not well defined in provincial growth strategy legislation. This omission has made for some interesting times.

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The RGS is critical to avoiding sprawl and moving to a sustainable future

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